Study topics for Etgar seminarion

Alternative splicing. The topic covers types of alternative splicing, regulating mechanisms, functional importance, and connection to human diseases.
Roy Shen, Ariella Klutstein, Yonathan Guttel Mirtrons. The topic covers the role and biogenesis of microRNAs, how mirtrons are different in their biogenesis, and phylogenetic span of mirtrons. Nonsense-mediated decay (NMD). The topic covers the mechanism of intron-dependent NMD, and its relations with the length and location of the introns. Export. The topic covers the mechanism of export of the mRNA from the nucleous to the cytoplasm, how it is linked to splicing, and how it helps in regulating the expression level of genes.
Adi Biton, Inbal Caspi AS-NMD regulation. The topic studies how a coupling between alternative splicing and NMD can form another mechanism to control genes' expression level.
Roni Harel, Yael Gabai First introns. The topic covers the differences between first (5'-most) introns and other introns, and its functional implications.